To begin fulfilling our vision of a new era for CBD, we decided to break-down each avenue of the business so that we could fine-tune our process from start to finish. This enables us to consistently create high-quality finished products, through a process which is reliable and transparent from seed to sale.

We make sure to put care into every step of our process with both our customers and our planet in mind. 

We are excited to have you on this journey with us. 


With CBD being a relatively new industry, it was particularly important to us that we partnered with a manufacturer who had in depth industry and product knowledge.

After an extensive vetting process, followed by months of product testing, we finally selected our manufacturer. A family run business based in Spain, with over 5 years’ experience in the CBD industry. Like us, they prioritise creating high-quality natural finished products. Being long-standing members of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), they are quickly becoming one of the most reputable CBD manufacturers in Europe. 

We work closely with our manufacturer throughout the process and trust in their extensive knowledge and industry reputation to produce the founding components of our premium Full-Spectrum CBD oil. With the care they take in every step of their process and through our own quality control, we are able to provide a reliable and traceable path from the seed of the crop to the sale of our finished oils. 

Premium products you can trust.

The Raw Materials Matter

While always remaining transparent, we want to demonstrate exactly where the raw materials come from – as they contribute majorly to the quality of the final product.

We only use EU certified seeds, which are sewn to grow the Hemp used for our oils. They are planted, grown and harvested in Spain, Croatia, Lithuania and Germany by organic certified farmers. 

We guarantee the Hemp used comes from Non-GMO seeds, and that no herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals or chemicals were used in the growth process. Our Hemp is not only safe for consumption, but it is also environmentally friendly.

From Plants to Oil

Extracting CBD

Once you have the raw material, the cannabinoids must be extracted.

There are many different methods of extracting CBD: some of which include cold press extraction, steam distillation, ethanol (alcohol) extraction, hydrocarbon (solvent) extraction and supercritical CO² extraction.

By far the most efficient is supercritical CO² extraction, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide gas to separate the oils from the plant. Although it is one of the more expensive methods, it is also the cleanest and most gentle on the plant – keeping all the essential compounds intact and undamaged.

Other extraction methods include steam distillation, a less efficient method often results in higher waste and a less potent oil. Solvent or alcohol extraction can even pose a health risk if done improperly, as harmful solvents can be left behind in the final product. Although commonly used, the likes of cold press and alcohol extraction methods can cause the oil to be extremely bitter and leave an unpleasant lingering taste.

Diluting the Extract

This extract is then combined with a carrier oil which dilutes the highly concentrated CBD extract. This carrier oil makes it easier for our bodies to absorb and use the CBD.

The most popular carrier oil is Hemp seed oil – this contains a range of vitamins & healthy fatty acids such as omega 3 + 6.

Another popular carrier oil is MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil which is derived from coconuts.

Plant Power – Our Signature Blends


We had a vision to provide more choice when it comes to CBD and to better fulfil the needs of our customers. A vision where we could educate our audience on natural products whilst creating an exciting and fresh outlook that would re-shape the CBD market.


With our own knowledge of the cannabis plant and from our research on trends in the leading cannabis markets of the USA and Canada – it was obvious to us that the cannabis plant had more to offer than just CBD. In fact, it wasn’t just the CBD or THC that consumers were interested in.

With each cannabis plant or “strain” containing different compounds, it is evident that these strains also have different effects and provide different solutions for consumers. In part, this is due to cannabinoids, but is also a result of the terpene profiles. These different effects are seen in both the medicinal and adult use cannabis markets in the USA and Canada. Consumers in these countries have more choice and control when it comes to selecting products that will work for them, and we wanted to create this opportunity for our consumers.


We began the process of developing a superior product range that would raise the bar on what is currently available in Ireland and Europe. Of course, there are legal restrictions when it comes to cannabis and marijuana in Europe. However, we weren’t interested in increasing the cannabinoid content of our CBD Oil. We wanted to create a legal solution that offered choice based on terpenes.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants and vegetables. They are most commonly associated with cannabis due to the mixture of terpenes which vary in concentrations from strain to strain – these are known as terpene profiles. These aromatic compounds create the characteristic scent and taste of many plants but are also known to have their own effects and benefits. To learn more, check out our article on Terpenes.

After perfecting the idea, selecting our terpene profiles and refining the process, we then developed our Signature CBD Oil Terpene Blends.

The result is a superior product, unrivalled in quality. 

Quality and consistency are extremely important here at The Trojan Hemp Co. All of the terpenes used in our signature blends are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, food-grade, and solvent-free. They are derived from a range of plants and vegetables, but not cannabis itself, so that we can guarantee we are not adding extra cannabinoids unintentionally. They are produced under strict quality control and blended into our oils at a recognised HACCP manufacturing facility.

Environmental Factors

A huge part in every aspect of our lives is the environmental impact we have, and it is no different when it comes to our day-to-day operations.

Hemp; a carbon negative crop, has huge positive effects on the environment! We go into more detail on this in our Hemp Matters article.

Packaging – We do our best to use only eco-friendly packaging and materials, but we also know there is always room for improvement. We promise that we will continue to adjust and fine tune our packaging to use only the most environmentally friendly materials. We have rising hopes that the growth of the Hemp industry across the world will present more possibilities for us to enhance our sustainable practices across all aspects of our packaging and our business. 

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