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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

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Low strength CBD Oil

5% – Balance 500mg CBD Oil


500mg CBD oil for calmness - Great tasting CBD

Morning and Day-Time Use.
Burst of Creamy, Fruity Sweetness
2.5mg CBD per drop

In stock

Mid Strength CBD

10% – Uplift 1000mg CBD Oil


10% CBD oil - 1000mg CBD

Day Time and Evening Relaxation.
Citrus and Fruity Notes
4.16mg CBD per drop
10% CBD Oil

In stock

Most Popular CBD OIL

CBD+ – 20%, 2000mg CBD Oil


Day Time and Evening Relaxation.
6.7mg CBD per Drop
20% CBD oil

In stock

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Chances are, there’s a reason you’re looking for CBD… Our customers report using CBD Oil for sleep, anxiety, stress, pain and more! Check out our customer reviews here.

Highest Quality CBD Oil in Ireland

Quality matters! From the soil it grows in, to the methods of extraction, our CBD Oils are produced to the highest standards in a HACCP certified facility. Full-Spectrum CBD Oil enhanced with our all-natural Signature Terpene Blends, you can experience flavours and effects like no other CBD Oil in Ireland. For a premium CBD Oil experience and quality you can feel.

100% Natural

Nothing artificial, no synthetics, just plants! Tested in a 3rd party certified lab to guarantee strength and quality.

5-Star Customer Service

A brand that cares. Whether you’re completely new to CBD or an experienced shopper, our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way!
Get a free usage guide with your order & rest assured knowing you’re in good hands!

Stay Calm. Take Control.

CBD interacts with the system in your body that works to keep you in balance and feeling good (The ECS). No matter who you are or what you’re doing, everyday life can throw you off. CBD could be a great tool to help you find your balance and restore a sense of calm, helping you take control of your current and future well-being.

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Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

This cbd oil is part of my daily routine! It’s a game changer. It has improved my sleep, made me less anxious, less stressed and relieved joint pain. The customer service provider by this company is one of the best I’ve ever experienced and I will definitely be re purchasing for the third time and many more to come!

Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

Since starting on the Uplift 10 I’ve found it great. My thoughts are a lot clearer and not as frantic. My sleep has improved greatly and my stress levels have calmed down so much. Thank you! I’ll definitely be returning for another bottle.

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